Announcement: The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong is actively monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation to ensure the safety of attendees and presenters at all our events. We will continue to monitor the situation with the COVID-19 and keep our members updated of any changes. 


Health Care Section

The objective of the ASHK Health Section is to promote and facilitate an international exchange of views, advice, research and practical information among actuaries involved with public and private health issues such as policy and program design, research and planning, adequacy and services delivery, sustainability, insurance, pre-funding and other financing methods.


To this end, the Section organizes Seminars, Colloquia, online exchanges, meetings, and publishes works on these subjects. Furthermore, the Section may engage in activities that promote the activities of health actuaries within and outside the profession, support formal ASHK activities with a health content and interact with health committees of IAA member actuarial organizations.


Relevant information regarding the activities of the Health Section and materials of interest to actuaries are posted on this website. The Section has recently compiled a list of publications, articles and academic research from various sources that are relevant to health actuaries.