Introduction to the Actuarial Profession

Introduction to the Actuarial Profession

Actuaries put a price tag on future risks. Actuaries have been called financial engineers and social mathematicians because their unique combination of analytical and business skills helps to solve a growing variety of financial and social problems.


Actuaries make financial senses of the future. An actuary applies mathematical models to problems of insurance and finance. To be more specific, actuaries improve financial decision making by developing models to evaluate the current financial implications of uncertain future events.


An actuary is a professional and, in giving advice, must always act with integrity, due diligence, competence and in the interest of all parties affected by the professional advice. The actuarial profession is highly respected and offers a wide variety of career opportunities, immense work satisfaction and high earnings.


Approved actuaries in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, all insurance companies are required to appoint actuaries; Appointed Actuary (for long term business) or Certifying Actuary (for general business).  These actuaries must be a Fellow Member of The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong and a fellow of one of the four overseas professional actuarial organisations listed in Cap. 41A.