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Career Resource

Career Resource

Actuaries work for a variety of employers, including insurance companies, consulting firms, banks, investment firms, public accounting companies, academia and government.

Those considering actuarial career can use the list of actuarial employers as an information source, approaching companies with your CV and application letter.


Recruitment advertisements

We circulate recruitment advertisements to members by electronic circulation and posting on the member zone of the ASHK website.  For rates to post actuarial jobs please contact [email protected].

The Actuary Internship Portal is designed to help employers recruit students who wish to embark on an actuarial career.  ASHK members are hiring managers for actuary positions, at the same time ASHK has direct contact to many students. This puts ASHK in a unique position to match recruiters to actuary position candidates.


Connecting employers with a larger pool of students

Each year, companies recruit candidates for actuarial internships but are challenged to fill up these vacancies due to too keen competition from many employers and a limited supply of students. The portal will help employers fill these positions by reaching out to a wider and more diverse student base (see Key Institutions and Courses).

  1. Actuarial science undergraduates from all local universities
  2. Postgraduate actuarial science students/graduates who are interested in an internship
  3. Students studying actuarial science-related courses who are considering a career in actuary
  4. Overseas actuarial science students/graduates who are interested to work in Hong Kong


Connecting students to multiple actuarial job opportunities

Some university programmes have an established system to assist students to secure their inbuilt internship. However, for students that are seeking other internships to experience different types of actuarial work or looking for part-time work, they would largely need to self-source. The Portal will help students connect with different employers that are offering actuarial internship/part-time/contract opportunities.


One-stop shop

The Portal will collect actuarial-related job opportunities from different employers (see Job Samples) and publish them twice a year (May and Dec). Students can just visit the portal once every half year to view all the upcoming opportunities and submit one CV if they are interested.  CVs from interested students will be collected and sent to the relevant employers. Employers will then reach out to suitable students.


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Registration deadline

for employers and students to gain access to the portal

31 Oct

Job submission deadline

- for employers to submit jobs details

24 Nov

Job application starts

- for students to see the job opportunities

4 Dec

Job application deadline

- for students to apply for the jobs

29 Dec

Applications sent

- to employers and can start contacting the students

4 Jan 2024