New payment arrangements from 1 Oct 2023: To provide more payment options, Fast Payment System (FPS) will be introduced as an additional digital payment method.  To help offset a portion of the rising cost associated with credit card payments, a credit card surcharge will need to be implemented.



Presentation slides of Online Members Consultation on ASHK New Membership Class

ASHK MPF Market Size Projection 2020 - 2040

ASHK Consultation - ASHK New Nembership Sub-class, Fellow Members with Practicing Certificate (FASHKPC)

ASHK Consultation - Actuarial Guidance Note 10: General Actuarial Practice (“AGN 10”)

ASHK's Study Reveals Significant Improvement in Hong Kong Mortality Experience

Explanatory Note for Appointed Actuaries: Chapter 41E Supplemental Information on the Reinvestment Yield for Reserving

Notice for Appointed Actuaries: Insurance (Determination of Long Term Liabilities) Rules (Chapter 41E), Rule 8(7)(a)