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ASHK Certificate Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to full time local university students in Actuarial Science. It is part of our commitment to promoting the highest standards of local insurance market and regulatory knowledge and professional excellence within the actuarial profession.


The Insurance Authority (IA) expects that a candidate passing this exam would be one of the acceptable means of satisfying the local knowledge requirement for the approval of all actuaries performing statutory roles. It can also be a competitive advantage for graduates when job hunting.


Scholarships (waiving of the exam fee) will be granted to the following local universities offering Actuarial programmes:

Chinese University of Hong Kong

BBA in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (Full-Time)

MSc in Actuarial Science and Insurance Analytics (Full-Time)


City University of Hong Kong

BSc in Computational Mathematics (Full-Time)


Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Studies and Insurance (Full-Time)


Hong Kong Polytechnic University

MSc in Applied Mathematics for Science and Technology (Actuarial and Investment Science) (Full-Time)


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

BSc in Mathematics (Minor in Actuarial Studies) (Full-Time)


University of Hong Kong

BSc in Actuarial Science (Full-Time)

Scholarship Quotas


Up to 30 scholarships will be awarded.

Applicants will be ranked and we will guarantee at least 5 seats for each of Life Insurance track (plus Core), General Insurance track (plus Core) and Pension track (plus Core). The remaining will be given according to the ranking.

Scholarship candidates are made by nomination. Your university may consider various factors when nominating appropriate individuals for the scholarship at its own discretion. Since the ASHK Examination is only open to ASHK members, the scholarship recipient must join the ASHK as our member in order to be eligible for the scholarship.


Scholarship application for the 2023 exam diet will be from 24 Feb 2023 to 17 May 2023


For details, please download the Official Rules below or contact us at 2147 9168 / email to [email protected].


“It Is truly an honour to be nominated and awarded as a scholarship student for the ASHK Examination. The scholarship has encouraged me to take a step further to look into the Hong Kong insurance market, as well as the local regulatory environment. Furthermore, receiving this scholarship has motivated me to work hard for my studies and pursue the actuarial career as a profession. 


Meanwhile, the issued certificate of the ASHK Examination, as a newly introduced and distinctive exam, has been interesting and eye-catching to job interviewers upon my graduation. Practical knowledge and insights on the local insurance market and regulatory environment made me a more competitive candidate to insurance companies looking for future actuaries. Besides, the certificate in elective paper in life insurance has also demonstrated my desire and willingness to develop my career in such specific actuarial field. 


Without any doubt, this scholarship has definitely made a difference to me, as well as being a recognition to me that I am grateful for. Thank you once again for your support."


Mr. Carl WAN, Graduate of 2020, BSc (Actuarial Science), HKU; Passing Candidate of ASHK Examination 2020 (Core and Life Papers)

“Thank you for the generous financial support for me to participate in the ASHK examination. I have gained actuarial knowledge which is covered neither in the University syllabus nor professional examinations. Different from the actuarial mathematics that I am currently learning at the University, the ASHK examination provides me insights on insurance regulations, actuarial professional standards and the recent development of the Hong Kong insurance industry. It's never too early to gain an overview of the local actuarial landscape and get prepared for your future career. Let's take action and join the ASHK examination! ” 


Ms. Wendy LAI, Year 3 Student (2020-2021), BSc (Actuarial Science), HKU;  Passing Candidate of ASHK Examination 2020 (Core Paper)

Marco and Iris from the Hang Seng University of Hong Kong were proud to share their goals and insights about the ASHK Examination.

Mr. Marco Wong (Left) and Ms. Iris Chan (Right)