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Mr. J. Peter Duran

AIA Group


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Peter Duran, FSA, CERA, MAAA, Ph.D., is Group Senior Actuary at AIA Group Limited, where he is responsible for interfacing with regulators in international and local forums on matters affecting AIA Group. He is also responsible for actuarial policies and is the Group Policyholder Advocate responsible for ensuring fair treatment of customers in policyholder dividend actions.


Prior to joining AIA, Peter was a Director in Deloitte Actuarial in Hong Kong. Prior to that he was a Partner at Ernst & Young where he led the New York actuarial consulting practice and established and led the Tokyo actuarial consulting practice. Peter is President of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong, Chairman of its Professional Matters Committee, Chairman of the ASHK RBC Task Force and a Council Member for the past ten years. He was also the Chairman of the Society of Actuaries’ Greater Asia Committee.

The following 10 Committees which are composed of at least one Council member assisting the Council in policy-making.

Actuarial Innovation Committee

Ms. Nora Li

AIA Group

Actuarial Summit Organising Committee

Mr. Billy Wong

Gain Miles Group

Financial Reporting Committee

Mr. Steve Cheung


Health Committee

Mr. Sam Yeung

AIA International Limited

Life Committee

Mr. Kevin Lee

AXA China Region Insurance Company Limited

Life Committee

Mr. Sai-Cheong Foong

AIA Group Limited

Membership & Communications Committee

Mr. Alexander Wong

HSBC Insurance

Non-Life Committee

Ms. Trinity Pong

Peak Reinsurance Company Limited

Pension & Employee Benefits Committee

Mr. Gary Lee

Sun Life Hong Kong Limited

Professional Development Committee

Ms. Nora Li

AIA Group

Professional Matters Committee

Mr. Rockson Leung

Manulife (International) Limited

Strategy & Statutory Path Committee

Mr. Dicky Lam

China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited

Strategy & Statutory Path Committee

Mr. Simon Lam

Munich Reinsurance Company