Announcement: The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong is actively monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation to ensure the safety of attendees and presenters at all our events. We will continue to monitor the situation with the COVID-19 and keep our members updated of any changes. 

Announcement: Of late, some of the ASHK emails to you might have ended up in your junk box or failed to reach you. Due to cyber security concerns, the ASHK website has undergone a switch of its server IP address, resulting in an authentication reboot of the ASHK email accounts ( To ensure timely delivery and receipt of communications, we strongly recommend you to request your IT consultant to whitelist the ASHK domain, email and IP addresses so that you do not miss out on our emails and communications. Should you have any questions, please contact our office at 2147 9278.  Thank you for your kind attention!



ASHK Examination Grading and Examination Results

Results Day

The ASHK Examination 2020 Results has been available on 25 September 2020 (Friday) after 9:30am HKT. Candidates can accesss their examination results online (login required).

Immediately after the ASHK Examination, all examination materials are reconciled with attendance rosters and prepared for the grading and quality-control processes to ensure that points are awarded accurately and consistently.


Once you have passed the ASHK Examination (both Core Paper and one of the Elective Papers), you may join ASHK Fellow membership right away to enjoy the privileges and benefits if you have also fulfilled all the requirements listed on the membership page here.


A Fellowship Certificate will be awarded once your ASHK Fellow membership is activated.


In addition, the Certificate in Hong Kong Insurance Market and Regulations (Life Insurance/General Insurance/Pension) will be awarded to all candidates passed both Core and Elective papers.