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ASHK Examination Grading and Examination Results

Examination Results

The ASHK Examination 2021 Results have been released. Please visit the member login area to download the official results letter.

Immediately after the ASHK Examination, all examination materials are reconciled with attendance rosters and prepared for the grading and quality-control processes to ensure that points are awarded accurately and consistently.


Once you have passed the ASHK Examination (both Core Paper and one of the Elective Papers), you may join ASHK Fellow membership right away to enjoy the privileges and benefits if you have also fulfilled all the requirements listed on the membership page here.


A Fellowship Certificate will be awarded once your ASHK Fellow membership is activated. Certificate holders who are also Fellow members of the ASHK will be entitled to use the credential, FASHK, Fellow of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong. To learn more about the FASHK designation, please visit here .


In addition, the Certificate in Hong Kong Insurance Market and Regulations (Life Insurance/General Insurance/Pension) will be awarded to all candidates passed both Core and Elective papers.


Introducing Digital Badge to all ASHK Examination Candidates Passed both Core and Elective Papers (**NEW)

Stand Out with Your Digital Badge - Share Your Achievements on Social Media


Celebrate your success as a passing candidate in the ASHK Examination awarded with the Certificate of Hong Kong Insurance Markets and Regulations (Life Insurance/General Insurance/Pension). Follow these guidelines to properly display your Certification status on social network sites. ASHK protects the certification and programs that you've worked so hard to accomplish by enforcing these Standards.


ASHK begins distributing digital badges to eligible individuals via our digital badge vendor, Basno. ASHK Examination candidates that have successfully passed Core and Elective Papers. Digital badges offer candidates a way to showcase their achievement in an online, verifiable format.


Eligible individuals will receive an email notifying you to claim your badge at the Basno website. Please follow the steps below to claim your badge.



Claim Your Badge

  1. Select “claim your badge” in the email. This will direct you to Basno.
  2. Register with Basno. You can use your Facebook account or email address.
  3. Share your badge. Once registered you will be redirected to your digital badge page where you may claim your badge and share it via FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You also can download the badge and include in your resumes.