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Life Committee

Mr. Foong Sai Cheong

AIA Group


Mr. Alexander Wong



Hong Kong Assured Lives Mortality 2018 (HKA18)

We are pleased to announce that the Life Committee is expected to publish shortly the latest full report on the mortality of assured lives in Hong Kong. This new mortality table is named Hong Kong Assured Lives Mortality 2018 (HKA18) and provides an overview of the assured lives experience in Hong Kong for the period from 2010 to 2017. Based on data collected from seventeen Hong Kong life insurance companies that have participated in the study, the report aims to serve as a better indication of the recent industrial experience for the insurance industry for both pricing and valuation purposes particularly in the coming exercise under Risk-Based Capital framework



Mr. Foong Sai Cheong

Mr. Kevin Lee


Mr. Simon Lam

Mr. Steve Cheung

Mr. Andrew Siu

Mr. Steven Gin

Mr. Dicky Lam

Ms. Flora Chan

Jeremy Porter

Mr. Chirag Shamji Rathod

Mr. Steve Tong

Mr. Ellick Tsui

Ms. Yeoh Sing Yee