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Financial Reporting Committee

Committee Chairperson
Mr. Steve Cheung, FASHK



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Welcome to the Financial Reporting Committee of the ASHK. Our scopes are listed as below:

Promote and facilitate industry exchanges of view, opinions and practice among ASHK members on IFRS 17 related matters that are relevant to Hong Kong insurance industry, and provide recommendations to Council on the development and maintenance of the actuarial guidelines and industry practice in response to latest development related to IFRS 17;

Collaborate, on behalf of ASHK, with relevant regulatory, industry, and professional organization(s) on IFRS 17 related matters relevant to the members;

Review relevant IFRS 17 materials for ASHK’s publication and member communication;

Organise training;

Upon request from Council, provide recommendations to Council on other topics that are related to insurance financial reporting.


Mr. Steve Cheung


Mr. Alain Beland

Mr. Fred Choi

Ms. Kim Yeoh

Mr. Brian Kelly

Mr. Abhishek Kumar

Mr. Jeremy Menzie

Mr. Matsuta Ng

Mr. Steven To

Mr. Eric Tsang

Mr. Wilson Wu

Mr. Ernest Yip