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Curriculum & Examination Taskforce


Ms. Nora Li

AIA Group


Welcome to the Curriculum and Examination Taskforce. We focus on the following scopes:

  1. Develop the local qualification examination for actuaries practicing in Hong Kong and gaining accredited designation by key stakeholders.
  2. Assist in designing and reviewing the syllabus, curriculum and exam question bank of the ASHK Examination which covers the areas of local regulations and industry practices pertaining to actuaries in Hong Kong practicing in, but not limited to, life insurance, pension, general insurance and investment.
  3. Ensure the examination effectiveness and monitor the pass rates in case adjustments are needed on the questions or curriculum where appropriate.


Ms. Nora Li


Mr. Wilson Wu

Ms. Angela Choi

Ms. Ada Lui

Ms. Trinity Pong

Ms. Florence Li

Dr. K. P. Wat

Prof. K. C. Yuen

Mr. Steve Cheung

Mr. Gary Lee

Ms. Eva Yan

Mr. George Ealham

Ms. Felicity Mui

Ms. Shirley Fong

Mr. Si Xie

Mr. Devadeep Gupta

Mr. Issac Kwan

GI Track Available

As you may be aware, the General Insurance (GI) track is available starting in the 2020 ASHK examination diet in addition to the current Core, Life and Pension papers. The Aug 2020 examination has been successfully held on 21 August.