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Announcement: ASHK Actuarial Summit 2020 – Dinner Buffet Coupon
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Strategy & Statutory Path Committee


Mr. Peter Duran

AIA Group


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Mr. Simon Lam

Munich Reinsurance Company


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Welcome to the Strategy & Statutory Path Committee of the ASHK. The Committee is formed with the aim of providing strategic direction for the ASHK and gaining statutory recognition for the actuarial profession in Hong Kong.

  • Support Council in formulating strategic direction and plan for the development of the ASHK.
  • Advocate for enhancing the reputation of the actuarial profession and serve as a critical role in pursuing statutory recognition of the ASHK under the laws of Hong Kong as a long-term goal.
  • Represent the ASHK in discussions with regulatory and professional bodies, both in Hong Kong and internationally, on matters relating to statutory recognition.


Mr. Peter Duran

Mr. Simon Lam


Mr. Roddy Anderson
Mr. Steve Cheung
Mr. Steve Hui

Mr. Chris Hancorn

Mr. Peter Lau
Mr. Kevin Lee
Mr. Thomas Tang
Mr. Stanley Wang

Mr. Martyn Byott

Achievements in 2019


The ASHK Strategy and Statutory Path Committee has achieved a number of milestones in the past year:

  •        A paper to formulate the Fellow of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong with Practicing Certificate (“FASHKPC”) – ‘Roadmap towards Statutory Body’
  •         Registration of "FASHK" and ASHK trademarks. The “FASHK” (Fellow of the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong) designation adds significant value to personal credentials and is expected to benefit the actuarial careers of eligible members.
  •        Liaising with and gaining indicative support from local regulators and other major professional bodies for the Statutory Path Project which is the project to have the ASHK credential recognized in the laws and regulations of Hong Kong.
  •         Establishment of a joint working group between the Insurance Authority and the ASHK with the aim of formalizing discussions at strategic and working levels and enhancing mutual cooperation and support for the actuarial profession and the industries whilst maintaining independent bodies.

The Statutory Path Proposal is targeted to be submitted in 2022 to coincide with the timeline of RBC-related legislative changes to the Insurance Ordinance.


Event updates – Strategy Day


The Strategy Day 2020 was held on 13 Mar 2020 at Hong Kong Parkview and was attended by all Council members. There were productive open discussions on such strategic topics as the future steps for the Statutory Path Project, enhancing member engagement, raising public awareness and profile of ASHK, and enhancing the status of ASHK as an influential body across relevant industries.

It was a significant occasion for the Council to gather in a less formal setting to discuss and plan the strategy for ASHK’s growth and development.  



Trademark Registration


We are delighted to announce that the FASHK mark has been officially registered with the Trade Marks Registry of Intellectual Property Department in February 2020. Our trademark record is now searchable at The Trademark Usage Guide is now available on the membership page of the ASHK website.  



TOR 2020

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