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Strategy & Statutory Path Committee

Committee Chairperson
Council Member
Mr. Steve Hui, FASHK

Financial Services Company Limited


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Committee Chairperson
Council Member
Mr. Simon Lam, FASHK

China Pacific Life Insurance (H.K.) Company Limited


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Welcome to the Strategy & Statutory Path Committee of the ASHK. The Committee is formed with the aim of providing strategic direction for the ASHK and gaining statutory recognition for the actuarial profession in Hong Kong.

  • Support Council in formulating strategic direction and plan for the development of the ASHK.
  • Advocate for enhancing the reputation of the actuarial profession and serve as a critical role in pursuing statutory recognition of the ASHK under the laws of Hong Kong as a long-term goal.
  • Represent the ASHK in discussions with regulatory and professional bodies, both in Hong Kong and internationally, on matters relating to statutory recognition.


Mr. Simon Lam

Mr. Steve Hui


Mr. Roddy Anderson
Mr. Steve Cheung

Mr. Peter Duran

Mr. Chris Hancorn

Mr. Peter Lau
Mr. Kevin Lee
Mr. Thomas Tang

Mr. Martyn Byott

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