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Professional Matters Committee


Mr. Rockson Leung,

Manulife (International) Limited


Welcome to the Professional Matters Committee of the ASHK. This Committee is responsible for updating and ensuring currency of the ASHK’s By-laws, Professional Standards and Actuarial Guidance Notes. As regards disciplinary matters in relation to members, the Committee makes recommendations to the Council regarding actions as it deems appropriate in accordance with the ASHK’s Disciplinary Procedures.

  • Review and approve proposed new and amendments to existing By-Laws and Actuarial Guidance Notes, and make recommendations to Council.
  • Develop new and update existing Professional Standards and Professional Code of Conduct as requested by Council or deemed appropriate by the Committee.
  • Develop new and update existing CPD requirements and perform annual audit of CPD fulfilment on members.
  • Organise professionalism courses for members.
  • Perform other duties as requested by the Council.


Mr. Rockson Leung


Mr. Roddy Anderson
Mr. Chris Hancorn
Ms. Nora Li
Mr. Thomas HY Tang
Mr. Des Thomas

The ASHK's Disciplinary Panel

The ASHK's Disciplinary Procedures are one of the ways in which we aim to maintain public confidence in the actuarial profession in Hong Kong. Under these Procedures, facts or allegations which suggest that a Member may be guilty of misconduct or may not be fit and proper may, under the direction of Council, be investigated through a defined and transparent process. As well as investigating the facts, this process also offers Members the opportunity to defend themselves via written responses to inquiries and attendance at hearings. The ASHK Council needs to appoint a standing disciplinary panel of at least 11 members. Fellow members, if you are keen to volunteer and help uphold the standard of our profession, we encourage to contact the ASHK office at [email protected]for more details.