Announcement: The Actuarial Society of Hong Kong is actively monitoring the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation to ensure the safety of attendees and presenters at all our events. We will continue to monitor the situation with the COVID-19 and keep our members updated of any changes. 

Announcement: The ASHK Examination 2021 results are available NOW. If you are the 2021 exam candidate, please visit the member login area to download the official results letter. Thank you for your attention!


Disciplinary Panel

Mr. Roddy Anderson

Mr. Philip Bundy

Mr. Chris Hancorn

Mr. Garth Jones

Mr. Kelvin Kwok

Mr. Peter Lau

Ms. Sylvia Li

Mr. Julian Man

Mr. Alan Oates

Mr. Des Thomas

Mr. Thomas Tang


Mr. Ronald Tse

Mr. Verdi Kwan

(Lay Person)

Mr. Chester Lee

(Lay Person)

Mr. Sherman Leung

(Lay Person)

Mr. Robert Pang

(Lay Person)

Mr. Peter Telders

(Lay Person)

 * Council will review the Panel list on a triennial basis.