Mission Statement

ASHK Mission Statement

"Representing, Developing and Inspiring the Actuarial Profession in Hong Kong to Serve the Public Interest"


The ASHK strives to accomplish its mission by:


Representing the actuarial profession in Hong Kong

  • To be the impartial voice of the profession before the public by commenting on actuarial aspects of social, economic and financial issues that may arise from time to time
  • To pursue recognition as a statutory body under the laws of Hong Kong
  • To engage with regulatory, academic, professional and financial sector stakeholders


Developing the actuarial profession in Hong Kong

  • To encourage and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics amongst our members
  • To provide our members with opportunities for Continuing Professional Development through conferences, seminars, lectures and the like
  • To establish a qualification examination for fellow membership
  • To expand our membership to include all qualified actuaries practicing in Hong Kong


Inspiring the actuarial profession in Hong Kong

  • To develop a Young Actuaries’ Scheme targeting students and members at the beginning of their careers
  • To nurture young members via experience sharing and mentoring from successful senior actuaries