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Professional Development Committee
Welcome to the Professional Development Committee of the ASHK.  In view of the fast changing business environment, we are dedicated to promoting the principle of continuing professional development by means of liaising with other professional/educational bodies and organizing evening talks, lucheons and seminars so as to maintain and broaden knowledge, skill and personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and associated technical duties throughout an actuary’s working life.
The Committee hopes to assist newly arrived actuaries and students in understanding actuarial working environment in Hong Kong through the creation of the Education & Career section on the website.
To promote actuarial education and profession to the public, the ASHK together with the Actuaries Institute Australia, Casualty Actuarial Society, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and Society of Actuaries participates in the Education & Career Expo every year.  Actuarial literature, education catalogs, video show and career talk are given to the public and students to enrich their understanding of the actuarial profession.
  The Committee's objectives are:
 • To liaise with other actuarial associations offering international actuarial examinations
 • To assist developing local education seminars and projects for members to fulfill CPD requirements
 •  To assist as appropriate in the development of education for actuarial students and actuaries in Hong Kong
  Ms. Nora Li, AIA Group [nora.li@aia.com]
  Ms. Miao Chen              
  Mr. Thomas Undreiner      
  Mr. Leong Chew      
  Mr. Nicholas Yeung      
  Mr. Stanley Wang      
  Committee Updates
  Not available at the moment
  Curriculum and Examination Taskforce
     Ms. Nora Li (Leader)                      
     Mr. Steve Cheung
     Ms. Angela Choi
    Ms. Shirley Fong
     Mr. Devadeep Gupta
     Prof. K.C. Yuen              
     Ms. Angelina Lai
     Mr. Gary Lee                                    
     Ms. Florence H. Y. Li
     Ms. Ada Lui
     Ms. Trinity Pong                                   
    Dr. K. P. Wat
     Mr. George Ealham                               
     Mr. Wilson Wu
     Ms. Si Xie
     Ms. Eva Yan
     Mr. Issac Kwan
    Ms. Felicity Mui
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