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About the ASHK

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, all ASHK staff are working remotely until further notice. If you need any assistance, please contact us at info@actuaries.org.hk.  Meanwhile stay safe!

The Hong Kong actuarial professional body was first formed in 1968 as the Actuarial Association of Hong Kong.  26 years later, its successor, the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong (ASHK) was duly incorporated in January 1994.  The ASHK is a membership organization for actuaries in the industries of insurance, consultancy, finance, education institutes and government.  Since 1999, the ASHK has become a full member of the International Actuarial Association.  The ASHK is governed by an elected Council with a President, an Immediate Past President, a Vice President and 10 Council Members.

The Articles of Association (revised on 1 January 2019) of the ASHK are available for download.

Mission Statement
The ASHK mission is:
"Representing, developing and inspiring the actuarial profession
in Hong Kong to serve the public interest"

The ASHK strives to accomplish its mission by:

Representing the actuarial profession in Hong Kong
To be the impartial voice of the profession before the public by commenting on actuarial aspects of social, economic and financial issues that may arise from time to time
To pursue recognition as a statutory body under the laws of Hong Kong
To engage with regulatory, academic, professional and financial sector stakeholders

Developing the actuarial profession in Hong Kong
To encourage and uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics amongst our members
To provide our members with opportunities for Continuing Professional Development through conferences, seminars, lectures and the like
To establish a qualification examination for fellow membership
To expand our membership to include all qualified actuaries practicing in Hong Kong

Inspiring the actuarial profession in Hong Kong
To develop a Young Actuaries' Scheme targeting students and members at the beginning of their careers
To nurture young members via experience sharing and mentoring from successful senior actuaries

The objectives for which the ASHK is established, inter alia, are:

To increase the value to the community of the actuarial profession
To encourage and assist the study of actuarial science statistics and any other subjects of interest to members of the actuarial profession
To promote the general efficiency of and to uphold standards of professional conduct among members
To regulate the practice by its members of the profession of actuary by issuing from time to time as and when necessary guidance notes and other forms of guidelines or directions
To discuss and comment on the actuarial aspects of public, social and economic and financial questions which from time to time may be the subject of public interest
To consider the actuarial aspects of legislation existing and proposed and to take such action as is considered desirable

The ASHK undertakes a number of activities, including:

Discussion with industry and regulatory bodies on relevant topics
Formation of specialist committees on actuarial related topics
Issuing Professional Standards and Actuarial Guidance Notes to members
Publication of regular newsletter on actuarial matters in Hong Kong
Circulation of actuarial job advertisements
Luncheon meetings/evening talks/seminars to encourage the sharing of information and ideas. Speakers from around the world have presented, which allows members to keep updated on actuarial thinking
Appointed Actuaries Symposium where appointed actuaries have the opportunity to discuss matters relating to the life insurance market in Hong Kong
Investment & Risk Management Symposium/Conference where senior actuaries have the platform to discuss current issues relating to risk management and investment challenges affecting insurance and reinsurance markets in Hong Kong
Council & Committees

The Council of the ASHK consists of not less than 7 or more than 13 Fellow Members. The term of office of the President is one year and afterwards in the capacity of Immediate Past President for another year, term of office of the Vice President is one year, and that of each Council Member is three years.

The Council members, Honorary Auditor and Honorary Legal Adviser in 2020 are: 

(Please click on the committees below for their objectives and updates)

President Mr. J. Peter Duran
Vice President (President-elect),
Strategy & Statutory Path Committee
Mr. Dicky Lam
Actuarial Innovation Committee,
Professional Development Committee
Ms. Nora Li
Actuarial Summit Organising Committee Mr. Billy Wong
Financial Reporting Committee Mr. Steve Cheung
Health Committee Mr. Sam Yeung
Life Committee Mr. Sai-Cheong Foong
Life Committee Mr. Kevin Lee
Membership & Communications Committee,
Secretary & Treasurer
Mr. Alexander Wong
Non-Life Committee Ms. Trinity Pong
Pension & Employee Benefits Committee Mr. Gary Lee
Professional Matters Committee Rockson Leung
Strategy & Statutory Path Committee Mr. Simon Lam
Honorary Auditor Mr. Frank Wong
Honorary Legal Adviser Mr. Nathan Dentice
Annual President's Reports
Fact Sheet
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