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Membership & Communications Committee
Welcome to the Membership & Communications Committee of the ASHK.  This Committee considers matters relating to the ASHK membership, such as:
 • To review all membership applications (e.g. new membership, change of membership status and reinstatement of membership) and make recommendations to the Council for approval
 • To organise technical and social programs ensuring the provision of a sufficient level of education/CPD and networking opportunities for members
 • To maintain the Membership Directory and other relevant membership statistics
 • To develop an effective delivery of communications to ASHK members, media and public generally, which include but not limited to website, e-circulars, newsletters, publications and other communication media
  Mr. Kenneth Dai, Manulife (International) Limited [kenneth_dai@manulife.com]
  Ms. Mary Kwan, Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited [mary.kwan@fubon.com]

    Ms. Candy Chan

    Ms. Amy Chan

    Ms. Rachel Chu

    Mr. Cyrus Leung

    Mr. Michael Leung

    Mr. Wilson Lam

    Ms. Florence Li

    Mr. Erik Lie

    Mr. Tony Liu

    Mr. Nicholas Yeung

    Mr. Frank Zhang

Committee Updates

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